Where to buy copic markers UK

As I first got into Copic Markers, I was amazed at how difficult they were to come by in high street shops. As a result, most of my collection has come from online purchasing – but even then there’s a lot of variety when it comes to pricing and shopping. Here’s a quick breakdown of where to buy Copic Markers UK if you are getting started with Copic Markers

Where to buy Copic Markers in the UK

Local UK stockists mean reduced delivery prices and quicker delivery. Here are some options:


Pretty obvious to start off the list, a wide range of Copics are sold through Amazon. However, the range is catered for by different stockists, which means availability, delivery times and even price can vary widely. When buying individual pens this can become frustrating, especially if you are a Prime member – with some colours individual colours available with Prime delivery benefits, and others not.

Pricing the bigger packs of Copic Markers is pretty standard, usually coming in a little under purchasing from Copic themselves. It is of course a good idea to know the basic differences between the types of Copic Markers before you start price comparisons.

There are a number of ways to buy Copics on Amazon UK, and you will be hard pressed to find an art shop that stocks all the different ways. You can get hold of individual Ciaos, Sketches, Classics and even the lesser seen Wides. The Ciaos and Skecthes listings feature drop down menus to allow you to pick from the full range of available colours. There’s also penty of multipacks availble, from the two Ciaos and a Multiliner in a Doodle pack, right up to mammoth 72 pen collections.

Graff City

Graff City have a great range of Copics on offer. As well as all the usual individual pens and packs, they also stock doodle packs, blending trios, refill inks and much more besides. As an example, their 72 packs of markers tend to retail for around 12 pounds cheaper than the standard Copic price. 

Multiple delivery options are available and free standard delivery is available to the UK when the value of your order is £75.00 or over.


Also trading as Turnham Arts & Crafts, these guys stock a wide variety of Copic Pens, even stocking boxes of Copic Wides. Prices seem to be on the more expensive side for the product.  

Free shipping with the Copic Shop is also offered on all orders over £20.  

This is an actual shop based in London (W4 1LS) although without having visited I can’t say how much stock they have on the floor. 


Cowling and Wilcox offer a limited range, made up solely of Copic Ciao markers. While it is hard to come by Sketch and Classics in physical shops, it isn’t that uncommon to come across a display of Copic Ciaos, and I would imagine these can be found in Cowling and Wilcox too. 

Cult Pens

Another online retailer selling Copic Markers, Cult Pens seem to have pretty standard pricing on the markers. They stock some lesser seen products like Copic Graphic Design Pencils as well as a range of other accessories. They stock all types of Copic Markers, apart from Wide. 


Cass Art stock Classics, Ciaos and Sketches and tend to sell a fraction under the recommended retail price. Their range extends into the very specific purchases like the nib replacement tool – although remember, if your Copic nib is discoloured from inking over pencil it doesn’t necessarily mean it needs replacing.

They also offer the quite rare opportunity to buy your Copic Markers in person. I can confirm that the Brighton store stocks a range of Ciao markers, in a rotating display. It’s not the broadest range of colours, and it is only Ciaos, but if you need a colour fix in a hurry – Cass Art can sort you out without the need to wait for postage.

Clarkes of Sussex

Another local mention to finish, Clarkes of Sussex also stock Copic Ciaos for in person purchase. 

Their website does not offer the ability to order online, but their store in Brighton’s North Laines has a rotating display of markers at the rear desk. Last time I was in there you could get three for ten pounds.