The Ten Best Art Materials for New Artists

Artists aren’t born, they are made. Learning is the process all artists go through to be able to create unique work. While there is no time and age limit to becoming an artist, the main thing is investing your time and making sure you have the right tools available. When you first start creating, you won’t know the right tools for you. So, here we have the 10 best art materials for new artists.

If your new artist is a little younger, then we recommend looking at art supplies specifically for kids.

An insight into the 10 Best Art Materials for New Artists

The following art materials will help all new artists in their journey regardless of the type of art they are focusing on.

  1. Drawing pencils, eraser, and sharpener

Drawing pencils are the basic instrument any artist will need, and can be used alongside with many other media (for instance, pencils can work well with Copic Markers). Whether focusing on sketching only or planning to go beyond, drawing pencils are a must. Unless you go down the mechanical pencil route, you will want to get a sharpener and eraser with those pencils.

There are many different types of pencil, and this ultimate guide to picking the best pencil will help you out.

  1. Sketchbook

The process of creating art becomes a lot more enjoyable when you have the right type of paper. Depending on what you are looking to create, there will be different papers available for you. For instance, we’ve done a deep dive on the best sketchbook for pencil and ink.

A photograph of the spines of sketchbooks and assorted art materials
A collection of sketchbooks and art materials

The best way to get the right paper in an easily managed way is to get a sketchbook. It keeps all your work together, protects it from the elements and gives a better overall feel.

  1. Blending stumps

Blending stumps help smudging or moving material around the surface, bringing amazing shadow and blending effects. As finger smudging can be tricky for beginners, blending stumps makes it way easier. If you are using alcohol markers, you will also want to consider the colorless blender as a tool to acquire.

  1. Color pens and pencils

These days we have a wide range of color pens and pencils available. Apart from the traditional options like pencils, crayons, and pastels, now we have different color pens like sharpie and others. New artists can use them to color with extreme precision. We dive in to the joys of sketching with colored pencils elsewhere on the site.

  1. Spray paint

It may sound strange, but artists and spray paints can be an exceptional combination. With spray paints, new artists can get the opportunity to explore their skills in creating different types of art.

  1. Color/paint set with a palette

Watercolor, acrylic color, oil paints, or any other type of paint, getting one of them is a must. However, whatever type of color you get, do not forget the palette, as it makes the painting experience way better.

  1. Brush and palette knife set

Where there is painting, there are brushes. For beginners, it is necessary to learn to use different brush types, including the thin ones, to get the best details. For mixing and managing pains, a palette knife set will also be handy.

  1. Color wheel

New artists usually do not have a good idea about making color shades. So, a color wheel will help them make the right shade when they need it. It will also help them learn different color combinations.

  1. Paint Brush cleaner

Being a new artist is exciting, and it gets even more exciting when they finish some artwork. If that includes painting, the new artist will probably forget about brushes. The paintbrush cleaner and preserver will ensure that any paintbrush is never left dirty.

  1. Easel

The last one from the materials for new artists is an easel. These come in different shapes and sizes. Having one makes it easier for the new artists to get a stable surface to practice and create their art.

Final Verdict

A new artist shouldn’t limit themselves to one type of art, as it is the ideal time to explore themselves. With the right materials at hand, it becomes easy and fun to experiment with one’s interests and capabilities. If you are yourself a new artist or looking to get something for a new artist you know, these 10 supplies are a must-have. So, make sure to get hold of these 10 tools.