Acrylic painting for beginners step by step

Acrylic paint is a great medium to start your painting journey with. We’re going to dive into some resources you can use to give you acrylic painting for beginners step by step instructions. 

Why use an acrylic painting for beginners step by step tutorial

Discovering how to start as an artist can be overwhelming. Following a step-by-step acrylic painting tutorial is a good way to learn because it provides simple instructions on how to create a recognisable picture. It breaks down the process into manageable steps, making it easier for beginners to understand and follow. Additionally, a tutorial will often provide helpful tips and tricks for achieving a particular effect, as well as information on the materials and techniques used. This can be a valuable learning experience, as it allows you to see how different elements come together to create a finished piece. Furthermore, by following a tutorial, you can build your skills and confidence as an artist, which can open up new creative possibilities.

A lot of these tutorials focus on painting acrylics on canvas.

An artistic representation of acrylic paints being dispensed

The different types of acrylic painting for beginners step by step instructions

There are lots of different ways to follow step-by-step painting instructions, including books, YouTube videos, and written blogs. Each of these options has its own advantages and can be a great way to learn depending on your preferences and learning style.

Following step-by-step instructions in books can be a great way to learn because they give you more time and space to understand the process. Books allow you to take your time and go back over instructions as needed, which can be especially helpful for beginners. Additionally, books often provide detailed illustrations and photographs that can be a valuable reference as you work through the painting process.

YouTube step-by-step painting instructions are also a good option because they are free and show actual techniques. This can be a great way to see the process in action and get a sense of how different brushstrokes and techniques look and feel. Additionally, you can often pause and rewind videos to get a closer look at specific techniques, which can be especially helpful for beginners.

Written blog step-by-steps are also a good option because they often provide detailed instructions and helpful tips and tricks. Additionally, written blogs can often be searched easily and you can find a variety of tutorials on different painting techniques and styles. Blogs also allow you to access the instructions on any device and you can save the instructions for future reference.

Best tutorials for beginners

We’ve gathered some of the best step-by-step acrylic painting tutorials for you here, so you can learn and improve your skills at your own pace. There are options for you however you like to consume your guides; whether you prefer books, videos, or written blogs, we have something for everyone. We recommend trying a few different tutorials, as each one offers a unique perspective and can teach you something new. With these tutorials, you can build your skills and confidence as an artist, and open up new creative possibilities.

Acrylic painting for beginners step by step books

Here are some of the books we recommend for learning acrylic painting through step-by-step instructions.

Wildlife Scenes in Acrylic (Paint This with Jerry Yarnell)

Jerry Yarnell is a best-selling author and television personality. In this one he shares his knowledge and experience by guiding readers through eight wildlife scenes. With a clear teaching style, readers learn how to paint a variety of animals, landscapes and seasons, and improve their painting skills. The book covers different subjects and techniques, making it accessible for artists of all levels.

Country Scenes in Acrylic (Paint This with Jerry Yarnell)

What’s the difference between Wildlife and Country? Only Jerry Yarnell knows. But this option gives you the above but focused on the sky, rivers, meadows, flowers, cottages, barns and many other elements of country landscapes. The book includes easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, and walks the reader through 8 painting demonstrations.

Paint Charming Seaside Scenes With Acrylics

Keeping with the nature theme, this book shares the author’s preferred methods and insider tips for depicting the allure and serenity of the ocean in acrylics.

Learn to Paint in Acrylics with 50 Small Paintings

If that’s too much of the nature based inspiration for you, you might also want to have a look at this one – which focuses on small paintings. 50 of them in fact, so there’s plenty of room for variety in the subject matter (portrait painting, street scenes, still life and a few nature options). 

Acrylic painting for beginners step by step youtube videos

Here’s a list of totally free step-by-step acrylic painting for beginners youtube videos which can guide you:

Autumn Forest STEP by STEP Acrylic Painting (ColorByFeliks)

This video starts with a tour through the colors the artist will be using. It does not provide much compositional information as the painter already knows what he will be painting. However, it does show a variety of techniques for blending and different brushstrokes. The video focuses on demonstrating various ways to mix and apply the paint, including layering, blending, and creating texture with different brushstrokes. It also provides tips and tricks for achieving specific effects and working with different surfaces. 

Full Moon Painting / Acrylic Painting for Beginners / STEP by STEP

This video is a visual demonstration of how to paint a moon landscape in acrylic paint on canvas. It provides a clear demonstration of how to mix colors on a palette, which is beneficial for those who want to learn more about color mixing. The video is focused on the action of painting and does not provide any verbal instructions or descriptions of what the artist is doing. The video shows the artist’s brushstrokes and the gradual development of the painting. It’s a great resource for those who want to learn by observing the process and techniques of painting a moon landscape.

One session acrylic Portrait

This video is a step-by-step tutorial on how to paint an acrylic portrait using a photo as reference. The video has a great display of working out the proportions of the human face and the painter describes what they are doing throughout the video, which is helpful for those who are new to portrait painting. The painter demonstrates great skill in mixing colors and using a variety of strokes to make a realistic picture of the face. The video shows the process of creating a portrait from start to finish, including how to sketch the basic shapes, how to build up the features of the face, and how to add details to make it look lifelike.

Acrylic painting for beginners step by step articles

We’ve also collected a range of article based step-by-step acrylic painting guides, so you can read along at your own pace. 

How To Paint A Galaxy With Acrylics

This step-by-step painting tutorial will take you through the process of creating a galaxy on any surface using acrylic paints. The tutorial is divided into two parts, the first of which covers the background galaxy painting and the second covers the planets. This one highlights the use of a sponge as a key tool for creating the blurred effect in the galaxy painting, which is used for the majority of the painting. 

7 Step Acrylic Self Portrait Tutorial by Aine Divine

This is a particularly creative step by step which will challenge you to be expressive while creating a portrait.  

Easy pictures to paint step by step

When you are starting on the step-by-step approach, you might want to start by picking some easy pictures to start with. With this in mind, you might want to follow some of the advice set out in the what to draw as a beginner article: look at simple geometric shapes, they can help you understand how to paint 3D shapes and get your head around light and shade.